Are COBI blocks good?

Like Lego, the Cobi sets appear to be built for playability and durability. The Tiger 131 is an excellent toy, and my 3 year-old loves it. For the most part, the pieces stay together quite well and stand up to the rigors of play.

Is COBI better than Lego?

The biggest similarity you will notice between the two brick brands is the fact that COBI bricks work and feels he same as LEGO bricks. The quality of the European made COBI bricks is on par if not better (sometimes they feel like they fit tighter) then the European made LEGO sets.

Is COBI a copy of Lego?

Cobi produces a larger variety of custom pieces than Lego. In recent years they’ve often printed their blocks, rather than using stickers. The mini figures have the same size as Lego figures, but have a more three dimensional head, with the nose sticking out, and a less blocky body.

What are COBI blocks?

COBI is a Polish manufacturer of high quality construction blocks manufactured in its own production facility in the Special Economic Zone in Mielec (Sub-Carpathian region, Poland, European Union).

Are Cobi models good?

In my opinion, Cobi is one of the best alternatives to Lego and they do an excellent job at making accurate historical models, and this is one of their better sets (not to say that any of their sets are bad), so if you own other Cobi models and enjoyed them, I implore you to buy this, and if you have no experience with …

Are Cobi sets any good?

Cobi kits have a massive thumbs up from me! They have everything going for them, easy to follow instructions, great design and fantastic price plus compatible with Lego you really can’t go wrong with their kits.

What is CaDA Lego?

CaDA Bricks is a brand of building bricks created by the Double Eagle Group, located in mainland China (Shantou city). Our toy bricks are produced from high quality raw materials and certified according to leading International Safety Standards.

Is Cada a good brand?

Like the quality of their brick separator, the quality of CADA elements is surprisingly good. I built their small Suzuki Jimmy Off-Road vehicle, and I couldn’t tell the difference between LEGO elements and CADA elements. Everything was the correct color, shine, feel, and clutch-power.

Are Lego Cada bricks?

Cada Block merchandise With Structure, Cada designed many fashions that Lego didn’t have, thereby satisfying the Lego lovers who love the structure.

Is Cada same as Lego?

Interestingly, besides mainland China, they are also popular in Germany. So, even though they are a Chinese LEGO knockoff company, they are one of the better ones. If you do want to check them out, their website is

Where is Cada from?

Wentworth Falls, New South Wales, Australia

Wentworth Falls, New South Wales, Australia
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Language(s) English
Format Rhythmic CHR Urban contemporary

What are cada bricks?

Cada meeting blocks manufactured from pure ABS plastic are protected for youngsters, freed from dangerous substances, sturdy below bodily results (automobiles operating by way of the celebs), sturdy over time and temperature ( sizzling water washing is okay) just like real Lego.

Where are Cobi blocks made?

Build your own adventure. We are the largest manufacturer of construction blocks in Central and Eastern Europe with sales offices in several countries. Our international sales network covers more than 60 countries around the world. Cobi blocks are entirely made in Poland based on European resources.

How much does a Cobi building block cost?

Great prices, selection and service on the most exciting brand in building blocks today. And Free Shipping at $75 in the USA. COBI LIMITED EDITION Panzer IV Ausf. G: Set #2545 COBI LIMITED EDITION SD.KFZ 251/1 Ausf. A Half-Track: Set #2551 Find the set you’re looking for at…

Where can I find buildcobi limited edition sets?

COBI LIMITED EDITION SD.KFZ 251/1 Ausf. A Half-Track: Set #2551 Find the set you’re looking for at… COBI is the manufacturer of quality building-blocks sets in a variety of themes, from the historically accurate Small Army military replicas to pop culture, video game and automotive licensed products.

What is the biggest Cobi set?

The biggest ever and newest addition to the COBI line is the Japanese Battleship Yamato. At 2500 pieces, this is the most impressive set yet from COBI and a stunning display piece. Launch your own flagship with one of the legendary ships in naval history.