Are BOBS shoes made by Skechers?

In 2010, Skechers copied essentially the entire concept behind TOMS and launched BOBS Shoes by SKECHERS. They are producing similar shoes, with the brand name BOBS (a plural version of a common three letter male name, expressed in all caps).

What does BOBS mean in Skechers?

By Simon Mainwaring 2 minute Read. This week Skechers copied the concept behind for TOMS shoes by launching BOBS (link no longer available). Just like TOMS, when you buy a pair of BOBS, Skechers would donate another pair to a child in need. Even the shoes were the same.

Do BOBS shoes have arch support?

The whole shoe is stretchy so it molds to your foot. It’s also very nice looking, and the memory foam and arch support makes them extremely comfortable. You will not have to break these shoes in! They are comfy from the first moment you put them on.

What’s the difference between BOBS and Tom’s shoes?

The main difference between bobs and toms shoes is they are from different brands. Bobs is owned by Skechers whereas toms is owned by Blake Mycoskie. Apart from that, bobs shoes are more expensive than toms.

Do BOBS shoes run big or small?

They do run big. I purchased a size smaller and they are still a little big. 0 found this review helpful.

Can BOBS be washed?

One of the great things about Bobs is that they are relatively easy to clean compared to other shoes. This has to do with the fact that they’re made from textile materials. Put it simply, the fabric can be washed with no problems.

Are bobs shoes good for walking?

These are very cute and comfortable but the back slides off with any walking. I even tried a size down and it made no difference. It seems like it would be impossible to walk in these shoes.

Do bobs run big?

Love the shoes. So comfy. They do run big. I purchased a size smaller and they are still a little big.

Do bobs shoes run big or small?

What’s the difference between Skechers and bobs?

The sales girl at Skechers insisted that BOBS were the same exact shoe as TOMS. In her own words, “The BOBS are made in the same place out of the same materials. We just couldn’t use the name TOMS because these are the Skechers brand.” To further convolute the TOMS vs.

Are BoBs shoes good for walking?

Are BoBs good for wide feet?

I would not recommend these shoes for wide feet, bunions, or high arches.