Who is eligible for social housing in England?

A British citizen who is living and settled in the UK aged 18 or over (though some councils accept applications if you have turned 16) A citizen of another country with the right to stay in the UK with no restrictions on how long they can stay.

Where in the UK has the most social housing?

One is that the numbers are all over the map. The city with the highest proportion of households in social housing (Dundee, with 30.1 per cent) has more than times as many such households as that with the lowest (Southend, with 9.1 per cent). That’s a big range.

What does West Berkshire Council do?

West Berkshire Council provides important local services for around 155,000 people across the district. We provide education, housing and social services; we’re responsible for roads in the area and we provide rubbish, recycling and other waste services.

How does council housing work in the UK?

You apply for council housing through your local council. Each council has its own rules. You’ll usually have to join a waiting list and you’re not guaranteed to get a property. Ask your council how long you’re likely to have to wait.

Is there a difference between social housing and council housing?

Social housing is also sometimes referred to as council housing, although these types of homes are slightly different in terms of the type of tenancy agreement you sign, and the rights you have to property as a result. The idea behind social housing is that it: is more affordable than private renting.

Why are council estates rough?

It’s a public policy thing. Council estates are intended as a last resort for people who can’t afford anything else, so they make them unpleasant so people move out as soon as they’re able.

What type of council is West Berkshire?

unitary authority
West Berkshire Council is the local authority of West Berkshire in Berkshire, England. It is a unitary authority, having the powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council combined.

What area does West Berkshire Council cover?

272 square miles
About West Berkshire West Berkshire makes up over half of the geographical area of the county of Berkshire, covering an area of 272 square miles.

What is Band 4 housing?

with the lowest priority
The Housing Allocations Scheme uses a banding system to decide who needs housing the most. Band 1 is for people with the greatest priority and Band 4 is for people with the lowest priority. If you are placed in a higher band you will usually be housed quicker than if you are placed in a lower band.

What affordable housing options are available in West Berkshire?

As a result, we want to make sure that there are a mix of affordable housing options for people in West Berkshire. This includes properties to rent from housing associations, low-cost or shared ownership options, as well as providing supported housing for more vulnerable members of the community.

What is Aha’s housing strategy for West Berkshire?

A key Priority within our Housing Strategy is to ‘enable every resident to have access to a home that meets their needs’. As a result, we want to make sure that there are a mix of affordable housing options for people in West Berkshire.

Can I claim universal credit for housing costs in West Berkshire?

Universal Credit full service has now been rolled out across the West Berkshire area. Most new claims for housing costs from working age claimants now need to be applied for through Universal Credit. Please see our Universal Credit webpage for more details.

Where can I find information about supported living in West Berkshire?

You can find details of local supported living schemes on the West Berkshire Directory. For West Berkshire residents suffering Severe and Enduring Mental Health issues, Sovereign Housing and Richmond Fellowship offer supported living accommodation. What Do I Do if I’m Interested in Supported Living?