The process of finding an appropriate essay title is as important as the process of writing the work itself. The title creates the first impression of the subsequent text, and it is by the title that the reader decides whether he should read an essay or not. Articles with boring headlines often go unnoticed, despite the very interesting and informative content. And by contrast, interesting ones attract more and more readers. Some helpful tips described below will help you find the right title for your essay.

Reflect the essence of the essay in the title

The headline should allow a potential reader to understand whether the content of the article corresponds to his interests. Therefore, the title should contain a brief idea of ​​the essence of the essay, i.e. summarize everything that is written in the work. In this case, it will be useful to complete your essay first, and only after re-reading it, to think about a name.

The headline should be informative, and therefore should not be too lengthy and generalized. For example, headline, such as “The influence of Mahatma Gandhi on the life of the Indian people” sounds better and more informative than just “Mahatma Gandhi”.

Determine which audience you are writing your work for

Your title may vary depending on the target audience. Imagine yourself in the place of a reader and think about which kind of headline you may be interested with and may be encouraged to read this essay. For a multifaceted audience, the simplest and clear headings will be suitable so more people can understand what the article is about. The titles of the works, whose target audience are teenagers, may contain a humorous tone. A certain group of people may be attracted by brief headlines. For example, if the main idea of the work may be expressed in four words instead of six, it will be great.

Moreover, a headline that is too long will seem overloaded with unnecessary words and information and can push the reader away. Use words that create a positive impression. Avoid jargons, rude words and other profanity.

Find the key phrase in the article

Reread your article and find in the text a word or phrase that, on the one hand, will reflect the main thesis, and on the other hand, will attract the attention of the audience. You can also find a quote that matches your topic and use it as a headline. Sources for quotes:

  • the Internet;
  • books;
  • films;
  • songs;
  • and even the words spoken by your friends.

Ask for help

Ask your friends or family members to read your work. What can they say about it? Let them describe your essay with a couple of words. You will clearly understand which point of your work exactly a reader focuses his attention, and it will be easier to determine an appropriate headline. After all, you can also resort to help of online writing services . Specialists qualified in this field for a fee will help you solve your problem in the best way.

Use various tricks

You can resort to different methods listed below:

  • combine the title with the subtitle using punctuation marks. For example: “The weaker sex?”: An analysis of the personal qualities of modern women.
  • use metaphors. They make the names more understandable, memorable, thereby attractive. They create images that remain in the memory of the reader.
  • come up with alliterations. It involves the repetition of homogeneous or identical consonants in the words of the title. For example: “The Master and Margarita” by M. Bulgakov, “Peter Pan” by J.M. Barrie, “Black Beauty” by A. Sewell.


Finally, trust an inspiration! Put your work aside for a couple of days, and let the random thoughts come freely to your mind. Maybe you will be dawned at the moment when you least expect it. In the end, be creative and think out of the box!