How much does a Dorper sheep cost?

Purebred White Dorper (WD) ewe lambs: $350 each*.

How much are Dorper ewes worth?

Dorper ewe prices have seen a dramatic rise from 2019 to 2020 for both purebred and first cross categories, increasing 85% ($242/head) and 100% ($271/head), respectively. For the year to date, prices for purebred Dorper’s have remained firm and first cross ewes have seen a reduction of 39% to average $166/head.

Are Dorper sheep easy to raise?

A fast-growing sheep, it is easy to care for and has a very light mixed coat of hair and wool that it sheds early in the summer. Raised to survive in the most arid climates of the year, it has one characteristic that is standard for the breed – a complete blackhead.

What is the average life span of a Dorper sheep?

7 years
Quick Facts about Dorper Sheep

Species Name: Dorper Sheep
Temperament: Even-tempered
Color Form: White with a black head
Lifespan: 7 years
Size: Large

How many lambs do Dorper sheep have?

The fertility of Dorper ewes was approximately 0.90 ewes that lambed per ewe mated, with a litter size ranging from 1.45 to 1.60. The gestation length of Dorper ewes was approximately 147 days, while they were reported to start cycling as soon as 52 days after parturition.

How old do Dorper ewes have to be to breed?

Depending on the time of year, ewe lambs between 6-8 months may cycle, but better conception rates will be achieved at 9-12 months and the later bred ewes will grow out better.

How many lambs can a Dorper sheep have?

At what age do Dorper sheep start breeding?

7-8 months
The Dorper is regarded as an early maturing breed. First oestrus in ewes occurs at 7-8 months of age at a liveweight of 39-50kg (Greeff et al. 1088; Schoeman et al. 1993).

What does Dorper meat taste like?

FLAVOR LIKE NO OTHER. Dorper sheep are bred for meat, not wool, so they do not produce lanolin which gives wool lamb it’s gamey flavor. Experience THE DORPER DIFFERENCE and learn for yourself what makes this meat so mild, delicate and delicious!