About Thomas

by Michael Johnson

  • Posted on April 14, 2015


thomas-avatar1How I got here and Why I’m here now.

The journey to this point started with a fascination of the outdoors and the natural world. From when I could walk I have been out with my family enjoying the outdoors and the wonders of nature. It has left a lasting imprint on me and the way in which I view the world. There is little more humbling than to stand on a distant ridge and marvel at how small and insignificant one is when in the hands of Mother Nature. There is nothing more testing than a day in the rain either plodding down a river or bashing through scrub. Though not only is it testing but it is also a learning experience, one can learn about ones limits and how to push those limits. However climate change and humans involvement in increasing environmental issues are placing huge pressures on the natural world. If we do not act then we will no longer be able to enjoy the natural environment with such ease, to learn from the natural environment, and this is something that we cannot let happen. I arrived at this point through having a deep interest in interacting with and preserving the natural environment because it has taught me so much and I feel that there is so much more to learn. While this is the foundation of how I reached this stage in my life, why I am here now has been added to through my most recent studies in Development and International Relations at Aalborg University in Denmark. Through this programme I was able to gain a deeper understanding of what it is to be a part of a globalised world and how different ideologies have affected the manner in which we treat our world. However, what really struck me was the way in which today’s world and the dominant ideologies within this world have guided humans towards a much more individualistic view, where money equals affluence and the bottom dollar is what guides policies. While I accept this as a sweeping generalisation, the implications of a monetary based economy and the need to for more money has led to world to a point where difficult decisions need to be made. We are at a cross road, where strong and credible decisions need to guide us into the future, decisions that may not please everybody. Yet if we do not change then we will face some very serious consequences. This is something that I would like to change. Further, there is a need for innovative solutions to our current problems. For innovative methods of raising awareness of these issues and to engage the general public in the discussion so as to utilise all the available knowledge which is out there in order to progress positively. Thus we are here trying to utilise an innovative method, sport and adventure, to raise awareness of the issues that our globe is facing and the fact that we as humans can change the way in which we interact within one another and the environment in order to create a positive future. From the human point of view nothing is set in stone, we can change, the subjective facts that we use to govern our lives are malleable and we must realise this and take advantage of this in order to generate positive outcomes. I have studied history for many years at University and if there is one thing that this has taught me it is that there is always change. That history is a story that is told by those who benefit from the plot. Now, humanity will benefit from a change in the historical plot which it is creating for itself.

The future

Our future is our choice, so let’s make it together and not in isolation.