About Oria

by poletoparisadmin

  • Posted on April 20, 2015


dan-avatar1How I got here

I spent the first year of my life in the Akagera National Park, in Rwanda, surrounded by nature and wildlife. My passion for our planet was born there.
Growing up I wanted to be an explorer. Later, I studied geography at Royal Holloway, University of London, which strengthened my hunger for explorations. Throughout the last few years my explorations taught me about the wonders of this world. But it also taught me about the current waste of natural resources and misuse of ecosystem services essential to support all life on earth, including humans.
Last year I completed my M.Sc dual degree in Conservation Leadership from El Colegio De La Frontera Sur in Mexico and Colorado State University, acting upon my belief that the planet is in urgent need of a new generation of conservation-minded people.

Why I’m here now

People are the problem but also our only solution.
I believe that we can all be part of the solution. If we decide to be. But this is a gigantic task tackle. We need to collaborate. And for that the first step is to spread the word about what is happening across the world and how it is going to affect every single one of us.
Having the knowledge of what is happening is a privilege. Nevertheless it gives us the responsibility to act upon it. So lets get out and speak out about what we know and why we care.

The future

Our global environment is rapidly changing and the issues are increasingly complex. We must unite, stand up, and decide together that we cannot continue to impoverish the world we live in.