About Erlend

by Michael Johnson

  • Posted on April 14, 2015


erlend-avatar1How I got here

I was born and raised in Sandefjord, a Norwegian town in the south of the country. I was early introduced to the environment surrounding our home, as my family would spend Sundays and vacations hiking, skiing and being outdoors. Later, I took this further than my other two siblings and my parents, going on expeditions and other crazy adventures. Especially the calm and cold white surfaces of the snow and ice attracted me. Hence, it came to no surprise for the people close to me that I later studied at Svalbard, did research in Alaska and focused on Arctic issues.

I’m now a PhD in climate dynamics, with a specialty in Arctic sea ice and atmospheric interactions. My strong passion for environmental issues comes through the feeling whenever I’m in open nature. I often find myself in awe of the wonder and power that surrounds me. However, I feel even more powerless in meetings with personal attitudes advocating supremacy over Mother Nature, wildlife or people in other parts of the world. I’m a man of my words, and I want to live by example.

And now I’ll run.

Why I’m here now

I enjoyed studying weather and the ocean. I enjoyed conducting research on glaciers in Himalaya, snow in Greenland and sea ice in the Arctic Ocean. I enjoyed meeting people through my research on the climate system, while living in different countries, working with different people and handling different climates. I even enjoyed programming and academic writing – sometimes.

But I felt something was missing.

The bridge between academia and the general public must be strengthened. We know already more than enough to pave a more sustainable path – for all of us. I want to be part of that future. So I’ll do what I do best: run and talk about environmental issues.

The future

The future is bright. If we want it to be.